Traderush – Mobile Trading App Review

Mobile OS App iOS App Store Android Google Play
Web Access Not Available
Types of Options
  • 60 Seconds
  • Long Term
  • Pairs
  • One Touch
  • Call/Put
Banking Features Yes
Open Trades/Portfolio Yes
Balance Check Yes


Installing the TradeRush mobile trading app can be a bit tricky. We found it somewhat confusing when no results showed up while searching for ‘Traderush’ in the app store. However, after checking the website of, we were able to locate the right app, after search for ‘Trade-rush’. iPad users will have to change their selection to ‘iPhone Only’ option in order to locate the binary options trading app from

Secondly, we also found that there were two apps available from After due diligence, recommends users to install the first app, titled ‘Trade-Rush’ as this seems to offer a far better binary options mobile trading experience. The app works only in the ‘Portrait’ mode, so tablet users will find this to be a bit of an inconvenience.

Besides logging in to the app, new traders can also create an account directly from within the Traderush mobile trading app. Creating an account is quick and easy after which, you can login to the trading app.

Upon logging in, the user/trader is presented with a ‘Choose Product Type’ screen with the different type of binary options available to trade. To proceed, traders can select any of the options which navigates the user/trader to the trading interface. The screen looks a bit cluttered and takes a while to get used to the various buttons and trading options, perhaps due to the high contrast and the ever blinking price quote.

Traderush Mobile Trading App – Features we like

Charting: Charts can be moved around by pinching or sliding the fingers to zoom in and zoom out.

Trading Features: Trading binary options from Traderush mobile trading app is quick as the navigation buttons are intuitive. We especially liked the ‘Slide’ functionality of the asset/instrument which is quick to switch between various trading instruments.

Navigation: Navigating around the mobile trading app requires a constantly moving screen. However, the navigation section is complete which includes banking, asset index information and even a contact us option.

Assets: The ‘Assets’ section has the much required option of a well structured approach. Under this menu, assets/instruments are structured into Commodities, Currencies and Indices, and clicking on any of these main options give a list of assets/instruments available to trade.

Banking: The banking option from within the mobile trading app allows for traders to deposit directly, but limited only to Credit Card deposits.

Traderush Mobile Trading App – Features that are lacking

In short, the Traderush mobile trading could be a lot better. The one thing that stands out is the fact that the screen is very much cluttered and can be a cause for distraction. However, the fact that the app is light and fast to respond makes up for the shortcoming.

Charting: With the exception of zooming in or out, the charts aren’t much to speak out.

Trading: found it a bit cumbersome to switch between the various types of binary options. For example, if you selected ’60 Seconds’ then in order to trade One Touch binary options, the trader has to click on ‘Products’ and select the ‘One Touch’ product.

Portfolio: Under the Portfolio section of ‘My Account’ one would expect to see a list of expired binary options history. However, clicking on this option throws up the message to visit the website to view the past history, which can be a put off.

Interface: Works only in ‘Portrait’ mode

No Web Apps: There is no web app interface or a mobile trading website, which means that users with Windows phone are virtually left out of the Traderush mobile trading interface. – Traderush Mobile App Review

After reviewing the mobile trading app, believes that the Traderush app has scope for a lot of improvements. The availability of two apps from the app store search can also make it quite a bit confusing for someone downloading the mobile app for the very first time, especially on the iTunes store.

Having said that, Traderush’s mobile trading app does get the job done in terms of the basic functionality, which is to trade binary options, or to fund your account directly from the app. So if this is the only intention, then the binary options mobile trading app will work just fine. For example, if you strictly trade the 60 second expiring options, or the One Touch binary options, then Traderush app is just for you. Navigating between the types of binary options would require a bit more clicks or taps, but once you select the product, sub navigation within the asset/instruments is very easy. was launched in 2011 with its office located in Gibraltar. The binary options broker is well known for their now widely popular and replicated by other binary options brokers; 60 second and 30 second expiring options.

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