Mobile Binary Options trading with iPhone

Trading binary options on the iPhone can be pleasurable and visually pleasing. As well as the fact that trading off the hand held smart phone adds to the excitement that the financial markets already have to offer. In this article, we explore how you can trade binary options from your iPhone, starting with accessing the binary options broker’s website via a mobile URL, to downloading and installing the app and trading from the app.

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Mobile website v/s App

Most binary options brokers now-a-days offer a mobile website that is optimized for the small screens. Such mobile enabled binary options websites are usually free of clutter and easy to navigate, presenting only the most important or frequently used sections of navigation and display. While at the same time the stand alone app offers some distinctive advantages as well. Regardless of the type of approach, the experience is pretty much the same, with the exception of a few features.

To access your binary options broker from your mobile device, simply type out their URL and automatically, you should be taken to the mobile optimized homepage. In the event you see the generic desktop homepage being loaded on your iPhone app, contact your broker’s support to get a specific mobile URL. Do make note that when accessing a mobile website you might notice some screen freezes and/or intermittent delays every now and then. This is likely due to loading of various features such as the charts being displayed when you access the ‘Open Trades’ section that is usually available.

Installation & Access – Binary Options app for iPhone

To access the binary options broker’s app from your iPhone, tap the ‘App Store’ icon on your home screen and type in the broker’s name in the app store’s search box. You should be able to view the apps from the broker (i.e: if they do have a mobile app) along with a couple of different apps as well. If in doubt, read the description of the app to make sure that you are downloading the right app for the right binary options broker.

Install the app, just the way you would install any other app. In the event that you do not find the app, search for keywords such as ‘binary options’ or just contact your binary options broker support to get the URL to the app store.

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Once installed, head back to the home screen and tap the App’s icon to access the binary options mobile trading login page, if you have already created an account. Provided there are funds already available in your binary options trading account, you can simply head over to the assets/instruments and select the type of binary option you want to trade, choose the contract’s expiry time type in the amount you want to invest and click on ‘CALL’ or ‘PUT’ or the appropriate buttons to enter a contract. In other words, trading binary options from your iPhone is very much the same as you would trade from a desktop/laptop version.

Some, if not most binary options brokers usually do not allow any banking features from the smart phone app for security sakes. So any consequent deposits or withdrawals that you wish to make will have to be done by visiting the website from your desktop or laptop. Alternatively, you can switch to the desktop version of the homepage to be loaded onto the mobile browser and conduct your banking transactions directly from your iPhone.

Before you trade – Some words of advice

Before you start making your first binary options trade from your iPhone, make sure that you have enough data if you are in some kind of a pre-paid plan or make sure that you are connected via a stable WiFi network to ensure a smooth connectivity without the worry of data charges that might arise from using the 3G services from your phone. Many a times, traders tend to trade from their iPhones with inadequate data on their phone, which could prove to be an expensive mistake, both in terms of the data usage charges as well as god forbid missing out on closing a crucial binary options trade that could potentially go wrong. Also ensure that your binary options mobile trading app is up-to-date, although the latest versions of iOS offer the option to automatically update any of the apps.

To conclude, trading binary options from the iPhone is relatively simple and easy. App installation to your iPhone for the binary options broker of your choice is usually available for free and once installed, you are ready to login to your binary options trading account and start trading right away. As the apps are optimized for the iPhone’s screen size and resolution, navigating across the app is as simple as tapping or sliding the screen.

Trading on the go with binary options for mobile devices