Binary options Web Apps – Opening up a whole new world of a mobile trading experience

While iOS and Android users might seem like a majority, especially given that more and more apps are developed for the above two mobile operating systems, there is an equally growing market share of web apps. Built on the HTML5 technology, websites no longer need to have a stripped down version when being accessed via mobile browsers, but instead can boast of some feature rich mobile facing websites as well.

Perhaps, this is best seen with the growth of binary options trading brokers, and their websites. Complicated and functionally rich, as they are, the mobile interfaces of the binary options brokers are quite something to speak about.

Despite the majority of iOS and Android users, many customers prefer the experience of a mobile optimized website rather than suffice themselves to fancy apps. Of course, while we speak of this, we have to mention Windows Mobile OS users, who seem to be left out of the race, rather intentionally. In the binary options sectors, it is quite rare to come across a broker who has developed an app for Windows OS enabled smartphone or device. However, making up this void is the advent of web apps, or commonly referred to as the the mobile interface of the binary options brokers.

Readers can visit mobile binary options brokers review section to see a list of brokers that offer the web app trading interface via smartphones. From the list of binary options brokers that we review, two stand out for their excellence and innovation.

But why would someone want to access a web app version when there exists, quite a few apps doing the same job?

The answer to this may vary depending on what type of a smart phone or device you might own and the underlying operating system. However, for most part, Web apps seem to offer quite a bit more than what mobile trading apps have to offer.

The best example of this can be seen with the following examples.

Optionfair, while one of the few binary options broker that lacks a standalone app for Android or iOS, does offer one of the best Web app trading experience. Visiting the website automatically takes the mobile visitor to the web app, mobile optimized website of and once you login, the trading features, banking options that are offered from the Optionfair Web app can put even most of the regular binary options trading apps to shame.

Another binary options broker that offers a very feature rich Web app options trading experience is Lightweight and responsive, web app interface goes beyond many binary options trading apps can do. Features such as the ability to trade all the types of binary options as one would expect when visiting the desktop version and so on is something some mobile binary options trading apps for iOS or Androids fail to deliver.

The Web app binary options mobile trading are platform independent, ensuring that they work across all mobile internet browsers. Furthermore, they are browser independent as well thus making the binary options web apps truly flexible and limitless in regards to their accessibility and approach. So a trader or a potential binary options customer doesn’t need to specifically have an iPhone, let alone a Galaxy Note phone in order to trade binary options on the go, when it comes to the reach and flexibility of the binary options web app trading. At we go to extremes, when it comes to reviewing binary options mobile trading apps. At times, we have tested the Web app functionality on devices such as Blackberry Curve, which is a bit primitive in the phone’s functionality and needless to say, web app binary options trading makes it really flexible.

From a security stand point, the web apps are well secured, in terms of using the https connections to relay information such as trading or even critical functions such as making a deposit. Of course, web apps are not the answer to slow internet connections and are equally susceptible to internet disconnections. So for a good user experience, trading with binary options from web apps or mobile optimized website, a good Internet connection, be it 3G or Wifi is absolutely essential.

In conclusion, web apps or mobile optimized binary options trading offers a truly limitless, device and browser independent approach to trading binary options on the go. The very fact that you do not need to have an iOS or Android enabled handheld smart devices means that just about anyone with a decent phone with a good enough resolution can access a binary options broker’s website and trade directly from the web app, just as one would through a regular smartphone app.

Do not have an iOS or Android enabled phone? Don’t worry. binary options broker review section has a list of web app enabled binary options brokers that you can trade with.

Trading on the go with binary options for mobile devices